Our ingredients

Strawberry Liquor

Fresh strawberries and sweet vanilla. But the most special thing about this liquor is the Nepal pepper also known as Timut pepper. It is exceptionally rare from the Nepalese mountains. The pepper is harvested by hand and only sold at the Kathmandu markets. It is sweet, exotic and tingles the senses....

Raspberry Liquor

Fresh raspberries with a reduced shade of Dutch flowers, particularly lavender, combined with a gleam of ginger sharpness..... Unlock your senses



Owners Liquor

Owners Products was founded by two young entrepreneurs who recognized a market for new, exciting, exclusive and high-end drinks.


We are young, ambitious and full of inspiration. This proved to be a recipe that made our ideas blossom into reality quickly. This, combined with our endless passion and dedication to explore new and exclusive flavors, makes for our exclusive brand.


Unlock your senses...


Please don't forget that a key belongs to an Owner!